Does Microsoft have a texting platform? (2023)

Does Microsoft have a texting platform?

On your PC, in the Phone Link app, select Messages. To start a new conversation, select New message. Enter the name or phone number of a contact. Select the person you want to send a message to.

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Can you get Microsoft Forms answers?

Download Microsoft Forms Responses

If you'd like to download the responses and analyze them in Microsoft Excel, click Open in Excel at the top of the Responses tab. You'll then receive a neatly arranged spreadsheet with all of the response data in a table.

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How long is a text answer in Microsoft Forms?

Notes: 200,000 characters is the maximum allowed for total responses per form. For example, if a form contains five text questions, and the respondent has already reached the 200,000- character limit by the fourth question, they won't be able to provide a response for the fifth question.

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Can you have multiple text answers in Microsoft Forms?

I understand that you want to have multiple text boxes for one question. This feature is not available in Microsoft Forms. We can only use one question one text box information.

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Is Microsoft Messaging free?

Microsoft Messaging for Windows 10 - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.

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Is Microsoft chat free?

Yes! The free version of Teams includes the following: Chat messages and search. Built-in online meetings and audio and video calling for individuals and groups.

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Can you edit answers in Microsoft Forms?

No, once you have submitted a response, Microsoft Forms has no update feature to edit it.

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How long is short answer text in Google forms?

Short Answer: Answers require only a few words. Paragraph: Answers required for this question type are long-form answers. Mostly one or more paragraphs.

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Is there a question limit on Microsoft Forms?

@anna195 the "limit" is 60 options in a choice question before you get that message. But you should still be able to enter more options and save the form.

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Can teachers see if you cheat on Microsoft Forms?

Can Microsoft Teams Detect Cheating During Exams? Microsoft Teams cannot detect cheating. The app cannot detect what users are doing outside of the Teams window. If you're a teacher and you want to prevent students from cheating during exams, you need to use dedicated anti-cheating software.

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Can multiple people complete a Microsoft form?

@Lisa567 a form can only be completed & submitted by 1 person. What you want to do can't be done with Forms but could be done either with Power Apps or a combination of Forms, Power Automate and SharePoint.

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How do I get text messages on Microsoft?

Run iMessage on PC: 5 Ways to Get iMessage on Windows 10
  1. #1) Using Simulator.
  2. #2) Your Phone Application.
  3. #3) Third Party Application.
  4. #4) Using Chrome Remote Desktop.
  5. #5) Using Zen.
Dec 5, 2022

Does Microsoft have a texting platform? (2023)
What is Microsoft chat called?

Microsoft Messenger service - Wikipedia.

How do I set up Microsoft chat?

Start and name a group chat
  1. Tap New chat. and then type the names of the people you'd like to add in the To field.
  2. Compose and send your message.
  3. Tap the names of the participants at the top of your screen.
  4. Tap Group chat name.
  5. Type a group name and then tap Save.

How do I open Microsoft chat?

From the chat list
  1. On the left side of Teams, select Chat. to open the chat list.
  2. Find the chat you want.
  3. Select More options > Pop-out chat. . Or, double-click the chat name and you'll see a new pop-out chat window.

Does Microsoft 365 have a chat feature?

If you're a Office 365 Enterprise user, you can chat with colleagues in Outlook on the web using Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

Can I manipulate the answers in Google forms?

Turn on Allow response editing. After people submit their answers, a confirmation page appears. They can click a link to reopen the form and change their answers.

Where are the answers stored in Microsoft Forms?

In Microsoft Forms, you can easily view all of the response data for your form or quiz in Microsoft Excel. An Excel workbook with your response data will be downloaded to your desktop or stored in OneDrive, depending on the starting point of your form or quiz.

How do I get PDF of answers in Microsoft Forms?

The OneDrive connector allows you to create a HTML file containing your MS Forms responses and then convert it to PDF.
  1. CTRL + P to open the Printer dialog box.
  2. Scroll left in the "Select Printer" window and select "Microsoft Print to PDF".
  3. Click Print.
  4. Type the filename.
  5. Save.

What is Google short answer?

Short answer question allows users to write answers in a few words. You can use this question to collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, website url & more. You can set rules to get the answers you need.

Is there a text limit on Google Forms?

Character Limit – the default text box in a Google form allows users to input any number of characters but you can impose a limit with the help of regular expression. Here we limit the input to 140 characters much like Twitter.

What is Google Forms limit to one response?

Limit to 1 response—Allow people to complete your form only once.

Can anyone complete a Microsoft form?

Yes. Microsoft Forms authors can toggle their settings to let people outside of their organization to take to their survey or quiz. These responses will be submitted anonymously.

What are restrictions in Microsoft Forms?

Since restrictions are only available for text questions, you are asking the respondents to type their answers. This is different than selecting an answer from a list of options as in a multiple-choice question. With this in mind, you may have a form, survey, or quiz requiring a numerical answer.

How do you add long answers in Microsoft Forms?

Select + Add option to add more answer options. Select the Correct Answer check mark next to the correct answer or answers. Note: You can select All of the above or None of the above as an option.

What is a long answer in MS forms?

Select the Long Answer option if you want a larger text box displayed on the form. Text questions also allow you to set restrictions when you need to have numbers as the answer.

How do I add a long answer text in Google forms?

You can limit answers to a specified number of characters or require a certain number of characters by using the Length response validation.
  1. Click on the add question icon.
  2. Select Paragraph question.
  3. Click on the ⋮ icon and select Response validation.
  4. Select Length.
  5. Select Maximum character count.

What does long answer mean on forms?

@Ewanwt the long answer is designed to allow a longer response than a standard question and can cope with up to 4,000 characters.

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